Thursday, 17 September 2009


The english translation of Aftonstjärnan is Evening Star. There is a story to this building. It all started as a temperance society in 1892, founded by the shipyard workers. They arranged parties, lectures and soon also had a few who where performing on stage. It was time to build an own house to hang out in. Sadly, the first building burnt down why they decided to build Aftonstjärnan in 1903. The temperance society kept their meetings there, parties, lectures, shows and so on. At some point they sold the building and since then a lot of things have been going on there. For instance, it was used as a sweetie factory! Today it still functions as a theatre but mainly as a cinema.


  1. Nice photo! I like that you tell the stories behind the places you photograph. Sweetie factory? Sweetie as in candy? I love these older parts of the city. Keep up the great work!

  2. Yes, sweetie as in candy. Thank you! You should go there some time, I have been there once, it is really nice. You hang out there a lot anyway :)

  3. Cool, i didn't know that. Yes, I should and will go there some time :). Hope they show good movies.

  4. Interesting history about the place, used to live about 10 minutes away from here, now I only see it once or twice a year when I'm in Chalmers.
    Funny how you find out about stuff after you've been there!
    Nice blog!


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