Friday, 31 July 2009

Gustav II Adolf

Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf. The King realised that it would be good to have an established port town where the river Göta Älv drains, hence where Gothenburg is situated today. The statue of Gustav II Adolf , on the sqaured named after him, is supposed to portray the young King pointing out the place where the town was going to be founded.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Gustav Adolf's square

Gustav Aldofs square is situated in the heart of Gothenburg and it is surronded by the city hall, Gothenburg law court and Gothenburg stock market. During the 1800th century, on a dull day, one could go to the sqaure and watch criminals get punished in public. But the square has also been a market place over the years. Gustav Adolf was a Swedish king and the sqaure is named after him because of the statue in the middle...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Nordstan is Scandinavia's biggest shopping centre. Not only are there lots of shops and boutiques, there are also cafés and restaurants to visit. Sometimes the citizens of Gothenburg call the shopping centre Femman. If you are visiting Gothenburg and looking for good shopping this is the place to begin. (But I am posting this just because I like the photo :))

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Christopher Polhem

This statue is of Christopher Polhem, one of Sweden’s greatest inventors and scientist. He has not got his origins from Gothenburg but there are several things named after him here, for instance an area close to central station and a sixth form school on Hisingen. Also he is the one who features the 500 Swedish crown banknote.

Monday, 27 July 2009


The school, Rambergsskolan, is situated in a unique place, close to Keilliers Park on top of Ramberget. It was finished in 1916 and built in National Romantic style. Today it is protected by law to preserve its original features and in order to maintain the building’s cultural value. Personally, this is how I imagined Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s school.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Stora Nygatan 17½

A majority would probably walk by this building without ever noticing that something is very different. After building this construction and the neighbouring one in the end of 1850ies, the owner realised that there were actually two buildings but only one available address. Some wise-guy came up with a solution; the extra house between number 17 and 18, would of course be numbered 17½. Funny nobody thought of calling the buildings 17A and 17B instead. However, when you do notice the odd address you find it quite charming...

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Welcome to Gothenburg Daily Photo! This blog is a tribute to my hometown, where I was born, raised and where I hopefully will stay all life through. Since I am a very home-loving person, it feels very natural to nourish my interest in photography presenting Gothenburg. I would never had thought of creating this blog if it was not because of great inspiration I have received from other photo-blogs. (Check out my links)

Again, heartly welcome!

The picture was taken from Ramberget, a mountain on the island Hisingen, that belongs to Gothenburg. Rumour has it, that vikings used to throw themselfes from this dip when they got old and tiered of life. But I was not tiered of living when I visited this place earlier today , watching over my city, my town.


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