Friday, 4 December 2009

I ♥ Gothenburg @ night

This is our harbour at night! The huge steel barque is called “Barken Viking” and nowadays serves as a hotel and restaurant! Who would have guessed that!? It was built in 1907 in Denmark and is the biggest barque built in the Nordic countries. She moved around a lot and made journeys as far as to South America, until she was bought by the city of Gothenburg in 1951 to serve as a school for cooks and sailors.

Unfortunately she does not go on so many trips these days because the suspension bridge over the harbour entrance is lower than the barque’s tallest mast. Hence, it has been trapped in Gothenburg since 1966 when the bridge was built.

By the way, she has 34 sails with an area of 3 690 m2!

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